Policy Statements

  1.  Disk Jockeys (DJs) join the BabyLuv Radio site whenever online to interact with  listeners.
  2.  Stream/play wholesome and uncensored music of various genre.  Strictly,  NO  streaming of sexy and erotic songs on-air.
  3.  Observe Radio Show FORMAT
  4.  Play Song Requests. Apologize if not available.  Re-assure to play next time.
  5. DJs announce your country’s weather newscast.
  6. DJs include in adlibs the FreshChat IRC Network  Website : (http://freshchat.org,),  Server links (/server irc.freshchat.org,)  and BabyLuv Radio links (www.babyluvradio.com)
  7. Invite Listeners to join FreshChat IRC Network thru radio site, FCNet site and server links.
  8. Read on Air Music Trivia for the day and give the answer
  9. Read on Air brief BIO or latest information/news of Music Artists/Singing Bands.
  10. Read brief Breaking news on Air of international interest.
  11. Encourage Listeners Participation during your Shows.
  12. Dedicate songs to listeners by mentioning their names/nicks & location.
  13. DJs be innovative and creative in your Radio Shows.
  14. Strictly NO Profane and Vulgar words on Air.
  15. Be Cordial and Friendly.
  16. Remember, whatever song DJ plays on Air will reflect the image of Lady_Pinkpearl, the Freshchat IRC Network, and the BabyLuv Radio.

***BabyLuv Radio primary aim is to promote FreshChat IRC Network.



Founder, BabyLuv Radio