About Us

About BabyLuvRadio

BabyLuv Radio is officially the radio of the FreshChat IRC Network, with a website link:  http://freshchat.org or can be accessed through /server irc.freshchat.org.

BabyLuv Radio aims to promote FreshChat IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Network, as one of the coolest IRC Networks, flying alongside with other IRC Networks.

It further aims to entertain,  and inform listeners and build a wholesome rapport with them as partners in development.


About the Owner:

Lady_Pinkpearl a.k.a Lady_Perfume (Rhoda) is the Founder of the BabyLuv Radio and the Founder of FreshChat IRC Network.

She hails from Davao City, Philippines.  Her  passion for chatting in Internet Relay Chat (IRC) immensely motivated her to establish her own FreshChat IRC Network.  Her good nature and fondness to interact with people from all walks of life, has been the key in keeping her circle of noteworthy and skilled friends in IT highway, which contributed much to the realization and success of FreshChat IRC Network, BabyLuv Radio and her channels across IRC Networks.  Always, she is forever grateful to them.